“If you faithfully follow the instructions. . . you will without a doubt acquire correct physical fitness with proper mental control.”
–Joseph H. Pilates 1880‐1967

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Scott Miner pilates loft Charleston

Scott Miner, Owner
I always had a love for physical activity and though I never focused on one sport for very long I tried to excel at it. Then I found dance my senior year at UNC Charlotte which led to a 15 year profession. Shortly after dance, I was certified in the Pilates method in 2002 through Core Dynamics in Miami. I enjoy many other activities now but Pilates keeps me balanced and “tuned in” to my body, and I love to pass that on.

Shannon Robbins, Instructor
A gifted ballerina, Shannon left her hometown in Virginia at age 13 to pursue classical ballet. She graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem and went on to join The Atlanta Ballet Company. She further pursued her career at Eugene Ballet in Oregon, then retired after spending several years with Charleston Ballet Theatre. She received her Pilates Certification in 2004 from Karen Sanzo in Dallas, TX. While both dancing at Charleston Ballet, Shannon and Scott Miner met and decided to make a home in Charleston. They now enjoy the blessing of two children.

Diana Martin, Instructor
Diana’s fascination with the human body lead to her passion, movement, which was funneled through her time growing up as a runner and soccer player. Running and soccer lead to a degree in Health and Physical Education which lead to Personal Training, which lead to Pilates! Diana has been teaching Pilates since 2010 after completing her full certification through PhysicalMind Institute, holds a Master’s in public education and administration, and is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM. Her most recent and pivotal experience was the year she spent with her Mentor Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle at the Pilates Center of Austin studying with Wendy on her internationally respected 3Core Connections®.
With Diana’s broad scope of experience, it doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum of athletic ability, Diana can guide you through a 21st century perspective on Pilates; how to easily awaken and discover your  inherent ability to connect your body as whole! Update, refresh, replenish, and become clearer on why it is we love Pilates.
When Diana is not teaching – she is most likely thinking about Pilates and how it relates to and permeates everything in her life, from playing on the floor with her 7 month old, walking the beach with her family, or scribbling in her journal all the ways she dreams of bringing Pilates to the community and bringing community to Pilates. SO, if you are wanting to step outside your comfort zone, feel some new connections, enhance what is your doing now,  and get clearer on what it means to you to be fit, athletic, healthy, whole, toned, flexible, and engaged come work with Diana! She is so excited to meet you and join you on this path to discovering what else is POSSIBLE!

Trish Szczygiel, Mat Instructor
Trish is a certified Power Pilates instructor who has been teaching in New York City and Connecticut for the past year. She believes in the power of balance and thinks that Pilates compliments any type of workout regimen whether it`s strength training, dancing, cycling, or running around trying to get your life in order. She also really enjoys food, so practicing a balanced lifestyle is essential for her. Trish is happy to help you reach your goals and tell you some jokes along the way. No guarantee that they will be funny, but the effort will be there.