Pilates Loft CharlestonThe Pilates Loft offers invigorating group classes designed to develop body awareness, tighten your tummy, strengthen your back, and increase @lexibility while streamlining your body.


Tuesday 8am tower class
Wednesday 6pm mat class
Saturday 9am mat class


All Sessions 55 minutes unless otherwise specified.

One on one training to customize an exercise program exclusively to fit your needs
single $65 or 10 for $600

Two students with one instructor. Recommended for intermediate students working on comparable levels
single $45 or 10 for $400

Tower class:
A combination of the traditional mat work and exercises performed on a Cadillac. Limited to 3 students
single $40 or 10 for $350

Mat class:
The Traditional Pilates exercises performed on the mat.limit ten students
single-15 or 10 for $120

Reformer class:
As many as four students learning and advancing through the reformer workout series
single $45 or 10 for $400

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